Commercial floors

Product advantages

Commercial flooring is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear

Prolongs the service life of the facility and it can last for many long years

Enhances work environment, improving your image for customers and employees

Makes cleaning and maintenance easier, which results in savings

Commercial flooring is available in tiles or sheet formats, each of which has their benefits

Provides slip resistant surface which helps eliminate accidental injuries

With commercial flooring, the first thing that you want to do is consider the specific application that it will be used for. Flooring for a high traffic hallway has different requirements then flooring used in a showroom for a retail outlet. You have to match the materials to the environment, traffic, and use.

Installation: Any flooring that you choose is going to have an initial cost associated with purchasing and installing the material.
However, you want to look at both that and long-term costs associated with your choice. In some cases, selecting the more expensive flooring option may pay off by requiring less maintenance or repair.

Maintenance: It’s important to consider the costs associated with maintaining any commercial flooring application. Materials such as stained concrete or epoxy treated floors are relatively easy to keep clean. Carpeting can simply be vacuumed on a regular basis. Materials like natural stone and vinyl may require more labor-intensive cleaning and buffing in order to maintain their appearance.
In areas where fast and easy cleanup is important hard surfaces are vital. In wet environments, you need impenetrable surfaces in order to avoid cracking and the growth of mold.
Durability: Even with regular maintenance many commercial flooring applications will wear out and need to be replaced every few years.
The longer the life of the material, the less this will be a cost issue.
Ease of Replacement: The durability of a material can be balanced against how easy it is to remove and replace. While granite is extremely durable it is also quite hard to remove. On the other hand, carpet wears out every few years in high traffic applications, yet it is relatively inexpensive to replace.
Weather: In some cases, the climate of a region may be important when choosing commercial flooring. If it is an environment that is particularly wet, or where snow tends to accumulate during winter months, then you have to consider moisture control.
Safety: The traction of a flooring material is especially important in high traffic areas. Polished marble floors are attractive and elegant, but when buffed they will present a danger for slippage in hallways and high traffic areas. If it is a moist environment you may want a material with extra traction such as epoxy quartz.
Comfort: Depending on how the environment is used, you may want to use the flooring to create a certain ambiance. Carpet is popular in spaces where you want people to feel warm, and at ease, such as in hospitals or schools. Carpet can also dampen noise in applications where people will be trying to concentrate or rest. In places where you want to impress, such as retail showrooms, you may see marble, slate, or mosaic porcelain tiles used in flooring.

Healthcare flooring solutions

Healthcare establishments can appear complex, busy environments and different operational areas will have different flooring performance and quality requirements.
Due to its hardwearing, water-resistant nature and ease of cleaning, vinyl is often the product of choice for many of today's modern healthcare facilities.
Fit-for-purpose healthcare flooring solutions from Polyflor.

Education flooring solutions

Educational establishments are busy and challenging environments and the required performance of flooring can depend upon the function of the space, activity levels and the intensity of footfall.
Aesthetics, sustainable slip resistance and ease of maintenance are key requirements of most school flooring's.
Fit-for-purpose education flooring solutions from Polyflor.

Retail flooring solutions

Flooring within Retail establishments is one of the hardest working elements of interior design when it comes to creating inspirational spaces.
High design, high performance and value for money are key to providing products suitable for both front and back of house areas.
Fit-for-purpose healthcare flooring solutions from Polyflor.

Housing flooring solutions

Flooring within housing is an opportunity to inject a sense of individuality and style into home interiors.
With a realistic choice of authentically replicated colours, patterns and textures, both stylish and practical options are available to complement both traditional and modern interiors,
Fit-for-purpose housing flooring solutions from Polyflor.

Leisure flooring solutions

Functionality, durability and design are key requirements for flooring within diverse leisure environments, along with conformance to internationally recognised standards for fire, slip and abrasion resistance.
Where high levels of footfall are expected, superior cleaning benefits and improved appearance retention are key.
Fit-for-purpose leisure flooring solutions from Polyflor.

Pharmaceutical flooring solutions

Flooring within the pharmaceutical sector needs to be easy to clean with an impenetrable surface that offers no sanctuary to dirt and bacteria.
A combination of flooring and wall & ceiling cladding can provide the required clean room classification and specialist ESD flooring combines static control properties with hardwearing and decorative qualities.
For fit-for-purpose pharmaceutical flooring solutions from Polyflor.


Mobile Showroom

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We offer a fast and innovative way of having our mobile showroom brought to you by one of our sales staff, who can answer all your questions, measure your desired flooring space, which in turn has a much faster turn around for you the client, from sample searching to your install date.


We offer a fast and convenient option of delivery flooring samples directly to your door and having your area measured for a quote.


We believe free delivery is an important part of doing business correctly and ensuring your satisfaction, by cutting your traveling costs and saving your time. Contact us for more details.

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