Product advantages

Easy to clean

Just use a vacuum or broom. Mop with a slightly damp mop or laminate floor cleaner. No floor waxing is ever necessary.

Impervious to dents and scratches

unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring has a "wear layer" that protects the photographic layer underneath.

Micro bevels, deeper texturing, and better graphic reproduction

are three ways this product has improved, bringing it closer to the cachet enjoyed by solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring.

Can be installed in semi-moist areas

like powder rooms, kitchens, and other places where you encounter moisture.

Laminate installs fast and easy

Since the planks are constructed of soft particleboard, they can be cut with a hand saw.

Reproduces the look of wood, stone, and other natural materials

Unlike real hardwood, there are no defects in laminate flooring. Every board is of consistent quality and appearance.



Laminate flooring is as its name suggests a “laminate” surface floor product that consists of a surface wear layer (a finish coating), a thin décor or “image” layer (similar to a plastic laminate), a core layer of either medium density fiberboard (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) and a bottom balancing layer. The surface and décor layers are bonded together under heat and pressure using a continuous pressure laminate (CPL) or a high pressure laminate (HPL) process and then adhered to the core, or they may be directly adhered to the core under heat and pressure using the direct pressure laminate (DPL) process.


Why do people choose laminate flooring?

There may be a number of reasons some of which may include the following:


Laminate flooring unlike hardwood flooring can be installed above or below grade and over virtually any other flooring surface. It offers a long-lasting, durable and affordable option to hardwood flooring. Because of this laminate flooring has become a popular type of flooring today.


Although laminate flooring may look like hardwood, specific grades are not available. This because the laminate flooring décor layer is in reality only a photographic image that faithfully reproducer the grain and color of a natural hardwood or softwood.


Patterns and Finishes:

Laminate flooring is available in a variety of patterns that include wood grains, natural stone, ceramic tile,

and other textures.


Installation Types:

Laminate flooring uses a floating installation method (the floor is installed without the use of fasteners or adhesive on top of substrate) and requires a special padding underneath for cushioning, acoustical and or moisture barrier purposes and to allow it to move freely.


Buyer Beware:

Laminate flooring varies greatly in quality characteristics including quality of photographic décor layer image, structural integrity of joints system, moisture resistance of core board, ect. Because of this, Design Professionals and Owner’s must review all of these characteristics with each product selected.


To alleviate problems resulting from the improper selection and/or installation of laminate flooring, it si the Consumer’s responsibility to be properly informed. Both th design professional and the laminate flooring dealer also have an obligation to inform the consumer of the pertinent facts in choosing an appropriate laminate flooring system.


One way to be assured of receiving a quality laminate floor covering and a professional installation is to deal with reputable and knowledgeable firms who will charge a fair and reasonable price for all materials and installation services. Firms that are proud to provide a quality installation are aware that by doing so they have created one more satisfied customer who will return to purchase again or one who will recommend them to others.


Laminate Flooring Over Radiant In-Floor Heating:

There are a variety of radiant in floor heating systems. Some of these include heating elements (hot water piping) installed within concrete slab or concrete topping or on the underside of wood subflooring, or an electric flat wire blanket installed below a thin concrete topping. Some systems are not suitable for the installation of laminate flooring. The following precautions must be adhered to:


The slab must be tested for moisture and confirmed dry

The flooring manufacturer must be consulted to determine if the radiant heating system needs to be on or turned off and the flooring installed on cool slab.


Thermostat controls must be fully operational to avoid overheating the floor.


Radiant heating water temperature must be controlled to keep it below a maximum of 52◦C (125◦F) That the slab surface temperature does not exceed 20◦C (85◦F). Unless otherwise required by the flooring manufacturer a temperature of 20◦C (68◦F) should be maintained.


Laminate Warranties:

Laminate flooring manufacturers offer warranties on their products that will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In general, such warranties include the following provisions:


Laminate flooring must be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on acceptable substrates using manufacturer’s recommended underlayment, materials and accessories


Laminate flooring must be installed in interior locations only


Any surface wear or damage that is not the result of accidents or abusive conditions such as, but not limited to, damage caused by severe impact, scratching or cutting, insects, improper alterations or modifications.


Laminate flooring manufacturer’s water-resistant warranty provisions usually are limited to resistance to topical water that is cleaned up immediately. Such warranties usually exclude damage caused by washing floor (except for damp mopping), leaking appliances, pet urine, flooding or acts of nature.


Laminate flooring manufacturer’s wear warranty provisions usually cover wear, staining and fading within a special warranty period provided that the flooring is cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Use of cleaning products and methods other than those recommended by the manufacturer may void any warranty claim.


Mobile Showroom

Save money and time

We offer a fast and innovative way of having our mobile showroom brought to you by one of our sales staff, who can answer all your questions, measure your desired flooring space, which in turn has a much faster turn around for you the client, from sample searching to your install date.


We offer a fast and convenient option of delivery flooring samples directly to your door and having your area measured for a quote.


We believe free delivery is an important part of doing business correctly and ensuring your satisfaction, by cutting your traveling costs and saving your time. Contact us for more details.

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