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ROOM TO ROOM FLOORING, delivers the highest level of personalized service in selecting and installing new floor coverings.  Our customers benefit from convenience through our mobile showroom, knowledgeable team members, affordable, quality products, professional installation and an accelerated order-to- installation cycle.  We are honest, courteous and fair with our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors.


We offer a fast and convenient option of delivery flooring samples directly to your door and having your area measured for a quote.


We believe free delivery is an important part of doing business correctly and ensuring your satisfaction, by cutting your traveling costs and saving your time.

How We Work

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    Let us help you understand the best flooring options for your house, condo or office.

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    Take samples from our van and view them in your home with our product and service advisors on-site.

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    Choose a time that is most convenient for you to install your new flooring.

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    Post installation, we are here to help ensure you will enjoy your flooring for years come.

Mobile showroom vs Big box store

Choose the perfect floor covering while sitting on your sofa at the convenience of your schedule.
Make time to visit stores after work or on weekends.
A significant decision for your home, made in your home.
Different lighting and surroundings can give very different impressions of your flooring selection.
Make quicker decisions on style and color by having samples to visualize with your home’s or workplace décor.
Match colors to a photo in a store’s bad fluorescent lighting or take the swatches home and then bring them back to the store later on
Select your product, have your home measured and have a quote or place an order in about an hour. You can match flooring colors and styles with your interior design and furniture We can suggest the right flooring based on your home technical conditions (subfloor type, radiant heat system, house age, etc).
​Load up on samples that you think will be the best and hope you don’t have to make multiple trips. ​After making your selection, schedule a time for a person to visit your home to measure for quote. ​Wait for a phone call later to give you a quote. ​Go back to the store to write up an order and schedule the job.
Quality products at competitive prices
Pricing includes overhead for retail locations
Time savings due to a more efficient process It’s that easy!

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From warehouse staff to our sales and consulting people, from management to our journeyman installers, an incredibly high standard of work applies.

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